About Us


We have been thriving in analytics area for almost a decade

Syum was founded a decade back by professionals with strong business domain knowledge and having more than 25 years of core industry experience. The prime objective was to help business take better decision analysing their own data. This is not possible unless Syum understands the business goals and challenges of the customer and also customer understands what business value to expect from analytics.

Syum has been selectively working with few customers as their business partners where Syum understands their business challenges and recommends what kind of analytics would help address those challenges. In the process Syum has been guiding business owners to capture the relevant data and to manage the data as a continuous business process. Syum also developed analytics workshops specifically for business managers in different business functions so as to make them aware about analytics benefits, techniques, tools and technologies. As business partner Syum works closely with customer by consulting and educating them and then implementing BI/Analytics projects to create business values for customers.

Our History

Syum was established in the year 2011 to take up analytics projects. Syum also started training students in the area of analytics to fill the industry requirement in early years. Since then Syum has continued its analytics skills development programs but more focused on business managers and industry forums.


Partnering with business to take better decision through fact-based analytics.

Who we are

Each board member is a professional with 30 years of industry experience and strong domain knowledge. We create value for both customers and employees.