Analytics Consulting


Analytics Consulting


Analytics Strategy

  • Understanding Business strategy and goals for next couple of years. Identifying Analytics areas which will provide business insights to meet business goals. Prioritising these projects in terms of time frame and sequencing depending on business priorities but also on data availability .

Analytics Planning

  • Planning how to execute the analytics projects identified at earlier stage. Identifying Data readiness; options on insourcing vs outsourcing; tools and technology; investment required and finally drawing a project plan for implementation.

Analytics Solutions 

  • Syum offers ready-to-use pre-built Analytics Dashboards and optimisation models and predictive models, which are built over a period of time using the experience from various projects and also using best practices of analytics techniques. These are available both on cloud and on-premises option and can be customised to suit client’s need. Currently these solutions are available for Sales, HR, Finance and Inventory Management functions. Currently these solutions are availabe for:
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